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School Menu and Forms

You can help our schools get more funding, make sure students are well-fed, and help our dining areas buy better food. It’s easy — just fill out the meal application here. The form should to be completed by all families whether or not your child gets school meals.


Our schools get more money for more eligible forms. Federal, local, and private grant funding is based on the number of eligible meal applications we collect  and the only way to collect every eligible application is to collect applications from every student.


About lunch at Rosa Parks

  • Eligible students receive free or reduced meals (see application above)
  • Breakfast may also be purchased for $1.50
  • Lunch may also be purchased for $3.00
  • Cafeteria menus change every month
  • Students may bring their own packed lunches
  • A computer system is installed in the cafeteria for paying school meals.
  • Every student is issued an account and a 5 digit pin code regardless of their eligibility status.

If your child has to pay full price or reduced price for school meals, you can prepay through MealpayPlus.

Your child may also pay each day by bringing cash. Please arrange with your child's teacher how to collect money.